What is Home Production?

Ever have difficulties signing property deals with clients? Have clients that take a very long time to decide whether or not they would want to sign a deal? That’s because they cannot imagine themselves living in that property!

Assisting clients to instantly imagine their life in the property is the key to signing deals speedily💨

Home Production is a service professionally done to beautifully coordinate properties✨

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Here’s an example of Home Production done by us at a designer’s mansion in Kobe, Japan.

A nice white based apartment which is very beautiful, but there’s a few problems:

  • The apartment is empty, life here couldn’t be easily imagined by clients
  • There is no furniture so the ladder is standing out
  • The neighboring building is standing out in this image

And there’s more❗️

Next, let’s put a sofa to add some lived-in feel into the room.

Something’s not right. The room looks smaller and the sofa does not match with the room🙅🏻‍♂️ So there’s not much positive effects done by randomly placing furnitures.

How about now?

By setting the table and chairs white, the space becomes one and the room will look more open🌟 By hanging artworks on the wall and putting some plants by the high window, the room will look wider and taller🖼 By coordinating this way, the ladder will no long stand out as much as it did before.

Can you now imagine yourself living in this property?

Depending on what furniture and accessories you use, and where you place them, your property can look more attractive✨

By beautifully coordinating your valuable property, you will be able to sell or rent it out at a higher price in a quicker time🌟

If you are interested in Home Production, please contact us from below!