The apartments of Europe and America are everlasting assets.

In the case of Europe and America, in an idea that apartments are everlasting assets, apartments built 50 years ago are still bought and sold at a high price in Paris, London, New York.
A new apartment may not be more expensive in the same area either.
For example, in the apartments of the area facing Central Park of Manhattan most of more than 50 years old, there is no sign dropping in one price from 200 million to 500 million yen.
Because it is everlasting asset, in the European and American apartment, it is natural to redecorate the room very much.
Even if the appearance is old, it is very modern and shiny in the room.
It is necessary for Japan to change the way of thinking for the apartment.
The decrease in security evaluation of the bank loan with the progress of the age is the cause that apartments don’t become everlasting assets in Japan.
We have to shift from scrap and build complete devotion to a renovation.