20 deadly misstates to avoid as a real estate investor

1) Not studying real estate. Not being educated.
2) Waiting too long because you don’t know enough and missing the time.
3) Investing in the market that’s not hot right now.
4) Falling in love with a deal emotionally.
5) Having no exit strategy.
6) Buying just because it’s cheap.
7) Not having plans
8) Believing information spread on the internet.Not investing in your marketing.
9) Believing the investment in the district by the introduction.
10) Not hiring the right lawyer or accountant.

11)Ordering it to shoddy construction suppliers.
12)Trusting the property management company which neglects everyday check
13)Not hearing the viewpoint of the counterpart in buying and selling.
14)Running out of energy for tenant management totally.
15)Not checking neighborhoods of the article well.
16)Choosing the tenant without examining it well.
17)Not having a good leader.
18)Not dealing with adaptation to circumstances.
19)Persisting in one area.
20)Persisting in one article.

20 Deadly Mistakes For Real Estate Investors to Avoid | BP Podcast 20
2015/07/30 Summary