【Osaka Higashi Yodogawa-Ku Apartment for Sale】

Famille Kamishinjo (14F) 3LDK

Second-hand Apartment (Built in 1997)

A beautiful apartment building✨

Very convenient location to access public transportation everyday❗️

Multiple commuter train stations (different train lines) available within walking distance 🚃 6 minute walk to Osaka Metro Imazato Suji Line Zuiko Station🚶🏻‍♂️ 15 minute walk to Hankyu Kyoto Line Kamishinjo Station❗️

Travelling to Osaka Umeda: One time time transfer needed if by Osaka Metro Imazato Suji Line, no transfer needed if by Hankyu Kyoto Line

Price: 25.8 Million JPY

A beautiful apartment building✨
Open genkan (entrance) including a shoe cupboard where shoes can be easily stored❗️